Cendrillon Teaching Resources

Art and Design Key Stage 3

Lesson plan

Starter activity

  • Show the image to the class for 30 seconds and then hide it, ask them to write down everything they see. Start with clothing and setting then prompt to describe her pose and guess who she is.
  • Show Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portrait of Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, 2007, for one minute and then hide it.


Main activity

First, in pairs, ask the class to describe everything they see in the photograph. Then, ask them to compare the portraits by answering these questions:

  • Describe the mood in each picture; is it frightening, calm, romantic, happy, dreamlike or funny?
  • How is the mood different? How do you think the photographer has created the mood; think about clothes, props, background and lighting?
  • Which photo is more realistic? Why?


Photography: Have the students in pairs take photos on a school camera or smartphone to recreate their own version of Cinderella using the images that have been discussed in the lesson as inspiration. They should take photos of their partner. Use photography apps to change the mood and distort each photo. The students could use free apps such as 3D effects, Pixlr or Prisma, which offer quick and creative filters that change colour, contrast, and render.

Image creditsCinderella (Cendrillon), Tour 2018, photos by Richard Hubert Smith

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