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Teaching Artists in Residence 2019

Over the summer we have been running our Teaching Artists residency programme

This summer two young artists have been creating work at Glyndebourne as part of our Teaching Artists residency programme.

Two local PGCE Art & Design students from the University of Brighton spent twelve weeks at Glyndebourne exploring their own creative practice, culminating in an exhibition on site. Both artists will be going on to teach in local schools as art teachers from September 2019.

Helen Kingwell

Helen Kingwell specialises in costume for theatre and film and explores the art of storytelling through Fine Art and Textile. Excited about the opportunity for teachers, artists and designers to collaborate, the residency allowed her to expand upon her current skills and gain insight into the life of a working artist. Whilst at Glyndebourne, Helen learnt more about Glyndebourne’s history, landscape and its role in engaging with children and a wider audience. The art she produced during the summer took inspiration from her time at Glyndebourne.

‘The Glyndebourne bird is a birds-eye view of my experience this summer. It is made from a pillowcase covered in maps and drawings from Glyndebourne, East and West Sussex. I was inspired by the opera Die Zauberflöte where duvets were used to create birds. The theme of birds reoccurred in Rinaldo. My responses to the residency represent the themes of ‘Between Worlds’ and the idea of flight and transition. I enjoyed making studies based on the plants and colours found in the garden and local landscape; the studies contrast with the movement and performance on stage. I have felt that I am transitioning this year- that I am between states. I have just finished my PGCE teaching qualification and am about to move across the county to take up a new teaching role in the Art Department at Durrington High School.’

Joanna Mills

Joanna Mills specialises in illustration with an autobiographical narrative. Joanna was excited to take the opportunity to expand her portfolio and skillset at a crucial time in her career development. Joanna observed and recorded the interweaving narratives that culminate in a show at Glyndebourne, such as the rehearsal process, costume and scenery, backstage and front of house. The art she created during the summer was inspired by her observations whilst at Glyndebourne.

‘I forgot how much I like to draw people. This project began with the theme of ‘Between Worlds’ in mind. I wanted to encapsulate this concept by focusing on the different aspects of a production and performance. I started by observing rehearsals and capturing movement. I was also interested in recording people during intervals and this led to me researching archive photographs of audiences throughout different decades. This re-ignited my love of drawing and caricaturing people; I loved their interactions, costumes and facial expressions. Going backstage gave me an insight into the world that is not seen during a performance, but crucial to it. My portfolio of work includes studies made from life and photos with a larger composition based on Rusalka.’

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