Yasmin Howell, Box Office

Yasmin Howell was recruited through Routes into Glyndebourne in September 2014 to work as a Website Research Student in the Box Office. Her main responsibility was to support the development of the Glyndebourne website by researching new functions and features to improve the customer experience online.

At the time of her appointment Yasmin was two years into a Digital Media degree at Brighton University and keen to do a work placement to gain hands-on experience to supplement her academic learning.

Glyndebourne has good links with local universities including Brighton, and it was through their careers office that Yasmin learned about the Routes into Glyndebourne position. Recognising it offered just the type of opportunity she was looking for, Yasmin applied successfully for the role.

During her placement she was asked to examine the usability and functionality of the customer website and suggest improvements to make the ticket booking experience easier. In addition, she spent time in Box Office, honing her customer service skills and learning about the Glyndebourne audience.

The experience has boosted Yasmin’s confidence and improved both her knowledge of digital media and her understanding of how it can support core business functions. Working in a professional environment has brought to life what Yasmin was learning at university, demonstrating how it can be applied in a real world setting.

Before the placement Yasmin was most interested in digital content but her experience at Glyndebourne has led her to consider a career in website usability and testing, and she intends to look for work in this field once she graduates.

For now Yasmin has returned to Brighton University to complete her degree but she hopes to return to Glyndebourne next summer as an usher or front-of-house assistant.

The success of Yasmin’s placement, during which she contributed to an improved customer experience on our website, has led Glyndebourne to offer the role again this year. Glyndebourne has appointed another university student to work at the organisation for one year with a focus on other areas of digital development.