Katie Jordan, Wigs

Katie Jordan has been working at Glyndebourne since January 2016 in the Routes scheme as a Trainee Wig Technician.

Most of my time is spent learning and assisting in Production Wigs, where the making takes place. The wigs we make are used on stage for our performers.

The process of wig making is challenging, complex work but I have really enjoyed developing the techniques I gained from my degree in Media Make-up and learning from experienced colleagues in a real working theatre environment.

During my time at Glyndebourne I have had fantastic guidance from my colleagues – they have shared their knowledge so that I can develop mine. I have learnt a variety of skills such as re-fronting wigs, adding nape extensions, making alterations so the wig fits a performer perfectly, gaining more practice knotting on HD lace and learning how to create the perfect hair line.

I have enjoyed understanding the importance of hair colour and being able to match hair colours to create the chosen design for a wig or postiche. Finishing knotting a full wig from start to finish was an exciting moment! It allowed me to really understand the knotting process and how knotting in different directions can help create a particular style. I have noticed my speed of knotting has increased and I am gradually becoming more confident.

Besides gaining a wide array of new skills and understanding of wigs, working at Glyndebourne has increased my overall awareness of theatre and what it takes to put on world class performances. I have found seeing my work live on stage a rewarding and exciting experience.

I think having the opportunity to undertake this role for ten months through the Routes scheme has been amazing and will massively help me secure my next job in a wigs department.

I would recommend anyone looking to gain more experience in their chosen field to apply for suitable Routes positions at Glyndebourne!