John Delaney, Gardens

John Delaney was recruited through Routes into Glyndebourne in October 2015 to work in the Glyndebourne gardening team.

I’ve always been really interested in horticulture as a hobby, but it was only recently I decided on a career change to start working in this area.

I completed my horticultural studies at Plumpton College last year but had very limited work experience as a gardener. That is when the opportunity came up to join the team at Glyndebourne for one year through the Routes programme.

I was delighted to be offered the position and have learned so much from Kevin Martin (Head Gardener) and the team. I love coming to work every day and continue to develop both my hands-on skills and my knowledge of plants and wildlife.

I’ve been involved in a wide range of gardening projects as we worked through the winter and into the spring getting the gardens ready for the summer Festival – it’s fascinating to see how the gardens change with the seasons. I’ve done everything from sweeping leaves and cleaning pots to driving the tractors and using power tools so the work is never boring. There’s always something to do!

In addition to the gardens I’ve enjoyed attending some of the operas and learning more about Glyndebourne’s heritage and history. It’s truly a special place to work.I also learned about working as part of a team, something I’d not done before and have really enjoyed.

When the time comes to move on from the Routes programme, I’ll be looking to continue my career in gardening and horticulture and feel my experience here will really help me secure my next job. I’d love to stay at Glyndebourne but feel confident I can secure a gardening job elsewhere as well now. I’ve gone from having almost no experience outside of my college course to a wealth of knowledge and skills developed here – this will stand me in good stead going forward.