Jace Petch, IT

In June 2013 Jace Petch began a one year placement with the Glyndebourne IT team through the Routes into Glyndebourne programme. Having graduated from the University of Greenwich with a degree in IT with Digital Media that summer, it was her first full-time job in IT and an opportunity to gain experience. During the placement one of her main responsibilities was to support a large-scale project to migrate Glyndebourne’s entire workforce to Google Apps for Business. Towards the end of Jace’s placement, a vacancy arose in the team for a permanent IT support coordinator and Jace was successful in applying for this role.

I was looking everywhere for a job but so many adverts would say you must have at least three years’ experience in this field and of course I’d just graduated so I didn’t have that. I applied for a lot of roles and got a few interviews in which they’d always ask me, “What experience do you have?” The feedback I got was always that I wasn’t experienced enough.

I looked on the website at opportunities and although I didn’t then know about Routes into Glyndebourne, I read that it was a chance for people to gain experience so I thought, “go for it”. I’d been getting a bit annoyed about having to have so much previous work history and when I saw that this ad didn’t say anything about that, I took it as a good sign.

In my interview I was probed about my time at university and my knowledge of the area I’d be working in and I was able to explain my degree and what I’d done – I think that’s how I got the job. Glyndebourne didn’t want two or three years’ experience, they just wanted someone to train so I’d encourage other people in the same position to apply for a Routes into Glyndebourne post because it’s a chance to show that you have the knowledge and just need an opportunity.

I’m learning lots of practical things; things which will be useful in any job I go on to. The three people I work with all have their own areas of strength and I get to work with each of them so they’re all teaching me their different areas of expertise, from hardware and software to business applications. I’m getting a really wide range of experience which will help a lot when I come to look for my next permanent job.

Since I’ve been here I’ve mainly been working on the transition to Google Apps. Obviously I knew what Google was, and I’d heard of things like Google Drive and Google Sites, but I’d never actually used them. Now I feel completely comfortable with them and as Google is taking over the world it’s good to have that knowledge!

I’m really appreciative that I was appointed. Even though it’s only a one year contract, it’s a first step on the career ladder and will give me the experience I need to have a much better chance of getting a job when I leave. I’d definitely recommend it. If I hadn’t come across this I don’t know what I’d be doing today but I’d probably have been looking to get work experience, perhaps through voluntary work, to boost my CV. The advantage of this is that it’s paid. It’s such a nice place to work as well, everyone’s lovely and I feel really comfortable here.