Charlie Howsego, Stage

Charlie Howsego joined Glyndebourne through the Routes into Glyndebourne programme in January 2016. He works as a Trainee Fly Operative.

“The Fly team are part of the wider stage crew and we spend most of our time high up above the stage dealing with all the equipment, light bars and props that are ‘flown’ in above the stage during a show.

Having worked in stage crews at other venues, as well as briefly at Glyndebourne last year, I was very keen to learn the art form that is flying work. It is technical, physical work and requires a high degree of concentration at times to make sure everything happens as it should and at just the right moment.

Fly work is very niche and not easy to get experience in, so when the opportunity to be a trainee came up I was very excited. No other venues seem to offer a role where you can learn Flying work on the job like this.

I am lucky enough to be working with a very experienced team and enjoy both the job and the environment. I am looking forward to going out on Tour in the autumn and learning how to use the Flying systems in other venues.

Beyond my time on the Routes programme, I hope to either be able to join the team here on a permanent basis or use my experience to work as a Flyman for another performance venue.”