City Lights

Charlie Chaplin's classic comedy accompanied by a live orchestra.

Performances at Glyndebourne

Friday 19 November, 4.00pm
Saturday 20 November, 2.00pm

Ticket pricing at Glyndebourne

Central Stalls, Central & Side Foyer Circle, Central & Side Circle, Foyer Circle Centre Boxes, Foyer Circle Central Wheelchair places
Operas £75.00 | Concerts £60.00 | City Lights £50.00

Front Stalls, Rear Seats Foyer Circle Centre Boxes A &F, Circle Centre Boxes
Operas £69.00 | Concerts £50.00 | City Lights £40.00

Upper Circle, Foyer Circle Sides
Operas £52.00 | Concerts £50.00 | City Lights £40.00

Foyer Circle Side Boxes, Circle Side Boxes, Circle Sides, Upper Circle Slips
Operas £40.00 | Concerts £30.00 | City Lights £20.00

Operas £10.00 | Concerts £10.00 | City Lights £10.00

Charlie Chaplin’s classic comedy accompanied by a live orchestra.

An undisputed masterpiece of cinema, City Lights is Chaplin at his most hilarious, but also his most moving.

Through a series of misunderstandings, Chaplin’s iconic Little Tramp befriends a blind flower girl, who mistakes him for a rich benefactor. Besotted, he sets out to raise the money for an operation to restore her sight, with many mishaps along the way. City Lights features some of Chaplin’s most celebrated slapstick set-pieces, including the famous boxing match, and culminates in an unforgettably touching final scene.

This is a rare opportunity to see the film in our auditorium with musical accompaniment from a live orchestra.

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