The Glyndebourne production

Don Pasquale preview

This opulent period production captures the sparkling essence of Donizetti’s tuneful tale of an old bachelor’s romantic delusions and the young lovers who outwit him.

Directing with Mariame

Critically acclaimed director Mariame Clément speaks about bringing out the humanity of the characters and detail of the libretto, giving life to this sparkling, bouncy comedy.

Conducting with Enrique

Admired internationally as a specialist in bel canto, Italian conductor Enrique Mazzola explains his role as conductor, inspiring the performers, and drawing out the meaning of the opera by pushing to the very limits of the music.

Working in opera

There’s so much more to opera than what we see on stage. From our highly skilled making departments, to the stage crew changing sets throughout the night, to the music library marking scores to ensure everything is ready on opening night... everyone has a part to play.