Glyndebourne education timeline

  • 1986

    Katie Tearle appointed Education Organizer

    Albert Herring
    Schools project

    A schools project inspired by Britten which took place alongside Glyndebourne Tour performances

  • 1987

    The Long Man
    Schools project

    Series of workshops based around the lore of the Long Man of Wilmington

    Composer: Hugh Nankivell / Artist: Nick Martin / Producer: Robin Tebbutt / Singer: Robert Poulton / Choreographer: Katie Tearle

  • 1990

    Hastings Spring
    Community opera

    Glyndebourne’s first community opera performed on Hastings pier

    Composer/Musical Director: Jonathan Dove / Librettist: Nicholas Ridout / Director: Tim Hopkins / Movement Director: Melly Still

  • 1993

    Community opera

    Performed in Ashford, Kent

    Composer: Jonathan Dove / Librettist: Alistair Campbell / Director: Graham Devlin / Choreographer: Sean Walsh

  • 1995

    In Search of Angels
    Community opera

    Performed in Peterborough, moving between Peterborough Cathedral and Queensgate Shopping Centre

    Composer/Musical Director: Jonathan Dove / Librettist/Co-Director: Alistair Campbell Co-Director: Elizabeth Gorla / Choreographer/Co-Director: Sean Walsh

    Race the Devil
    Community project

    Run in partnership with the West Sussex Probation service, creating a piece based on the Robin Hood myth

    Director: Stephen Langridge / Librettist: Stephen Plaice

  • 1997

    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    First youth opera commissioned for Glyndebourne’s main stage, and revived in 1998

    Composer: John Lunn / Librettist: Stephen Plaice / Director: Stephen Langridge

  • 1998

    Dido and Aeneas
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Production of Purcell’s timeless opera reimagined for the 1990s

    Composer: Henry Purcell / Director: Michael Kennerley / Music Director: David Knotts / Choreographer: Erica Stanton

  • 2000

    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Second main stage youth opera commission, broadcast later that year on Channel 4

    Composer: John Lunn / Librettist: Stephen Plaice / Director: Stephen Langridge

  • 2001

    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Commissioned for GYO and Brighton Youth Orchestra, and performed on tour in Germany and in Brighton

    Conductor: Ian McCrae / Guest director: Alasdair Middleton / Props: Paul Gallagher

  • 2002

    Fire Work
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Commissioned by Glyndebourne for Glyndebourne Youth Opera Group and Brighton Youth Orchestra in 2002. Performed on tour in Scotland and at Brighton Festival.

    Composer: Will Todd / Librettist: Elizabeth Clarke Melville / Music Directors: Andrew Sherwood & Jonathan Gill / Director: Clare Whistler

  • 2003

    Ancestor in the Chalk
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Commissioned by Glyndebourne for Glyndebourne Youth Opera Group and Brighton Youth Orchestra. Performed on tour in Spain and at Brighton Festival.

    Composer: Orlando Gough / Librettist: John Agard / Conductors: Ian McCrae and Andrew Sherwood / Director: Clare Whistler

  • 2004

    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Four new works about the four elements performed by GYO

    Composer: Ian McCrae/Will Todd/Orlando Gough / Librettist: Jane Buckler/Elizabeth Clarke Melville/Ian McCrae/John Agard / Music Director: Ian McCrae/Jonathan Gill/Andy Sherwood / Director: Clare Whistler

  • 2005

    Greenhouse Project
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Two companion pieces presented at Yo! International Youth Opera Festival in Utrecht

    Composer: Katherine Gillham / Music Director: Jonathan Gill / Director: Clare Whistler

  • 2006

    School 4 Lovers
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    A 'hip h'opera' version of Mozart's Cosí fan tutte, involving a collaboration between Glyndebourne and Finnish National Opera, as well as performers from opera houses in Germany.

    Idea and Concept: Markus Kosuch / Adaptation and Musical Arrangements: Jonathan Gill & Charlie ‘The Baptist’ Parker / Adaptation and Text: Stephen Plaice / Director: Clare Whistler / Conductor: Jonathan Gill

  • 2009

    Education Double Bill: On the Rim of the World and A Shadow Awaits
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Two piece involving over 400 young people and adults, brought together by singing, marked the first public ever in Glyndebourne’s 75th birthday celebrations

    Composer: Orlando Gough/John Barber and James Redwood / Librettist: Jehane Markham / Director: Clare Whistler/Hazel Gould / Music Director: Jonathan Gill/Rebecca Askew

  • 2010

    Knight Crew
    Community opera

    Main stage community opera featured in International Emmy Award winning BBC 2 documentary Gareth Goes to Glyndebourne

    Composer: Julian Philips / Librettist: Nicky Singer / Conductor: Nicholas Colton / Director: John Fulljames / Movement Director: Ben Wright / Chorus Leader: Gareth Malone

  • 2011

    Johnny Boy
    Community projects

    An adaptation of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, devised by teenage members of the community for a modern setting

    Composer: Al Start / Director: Brendan Murray / Music Director: Dominic Harlan / Librettist: Tom Sissions and Brendan Murray

  • 2012

    Glyndebourne Academy
    Talent development

    An operatic development project which supports gifted and talented young singers

    Artistic Director: Mary King

    Lovers Walk
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Chamber opera commissioned by Glyndebourne. The story imagines four sets of couples from different points in history who are facing different challenges but linked by a common setting - a municipal park

    Composer: Luke Styles / Librettist: Stephen Plaice / Director: Tom Guthrie

    Till the Summer Comes Again
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Devised performances inspired by Glyndebourne’s Wind Turbine

    Music Directors: Russell Hepplewhite, Matt Greenwood, Lee Reynolds & Lea Cornthwaite / Directors: Natalie Roberts, Freya Wynn-Jones, Lucy Bradley & Karen Gillingham

  • 2013

    Community opera

    Main stage commission which won the Royal Philharmonic Society award for Learning and Participation

    Composer: Orlando Gough / Librettist: Stephen Plaice / Director: Susannah Waters / Movement Director: Chris Tudor

    Into the Harbour, Carry Me Home
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Devised work inspired by the Britten centenary celebrations

    Music Director: Lee Reynolds / Director: Lucy Bradley

  • 2014

    Tycho's Dream
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    A science fiction adventure which takes the audience on a journey through time and space from Tycho Brahe’s 16th century Denmark to an imagined future

    Composer: Luke Styles / Librettist: Peter Cant / Conductor/Music Director: Lee Reynolds / Music Director: Lea Cornthwaite / Directors: Freya Wynn-Jones & Lucy Bradley

  • 2015

    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    Four members of GYO performed in the 2015 Glyndebourne Festival production of Carmen

    Dido and Aeneas
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    This chamber performance showcased the talents of GYO and members of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment Experience programme

    Composer: Henry Purcell / Music Director: Howard Moody / Director: Mary King / Movement Director: Karen Edwards

  • 2016

    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    A main stage youth opera, co-commissioned by Glyndebourne and the Royal Opera House adapted from the novel by Janne Teller

    Composer: David Bruce / Librettist: Glyn Maxwell / Music Director: Sian Edwards / Director: Bijan Sheiban

    A Garden Dream
    Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    A new composition by Young Composer-in-Residence, Lewis Murphy, performed during the long interval of the Festival production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

    Composer: Lewis Murphy / Music Director: Howard Moody / Director: Daisy Evans / Assistant Director: Mark Burns