Spring in the garden

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The Glyndebourne garden has survived the cold weather and signs of spring are starting to emerge. We asked Head Gardener, Kevin Martin, for an update on what he has noticed in the garden this month.

What really makes me think of spring is when you see the snowdrops popping up, once they have come out everything else will follow. I am particularly happy that our narcissi have survived, despite the snow and cold weather in March. It really highlights what a hardy plant they are and we can now see them springing up all over the garden.

During the winter, the sap in deciduous trees drops, so when the weather warms it begins to rise, colouring the branches and buds start to form. We can now start to see the beech trees getting tinges of red and the chestnut trees are producing some new growth.

We are hoping that our dahlias were protected from frost damage by the snow creating a protective layer; we will have to wait and see later in April when they will begin to grow. The greenhouse is busy with seed-sowing, which will come to its crescendo in April, and we are laying turf on some areas of the garden in time for it to take before the Festival.

Photos: Vashti Ballard