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Pay the Piper, 24 February 2022

The Opera

Venue: Glyndebourne

Composer: Anna Appleby, Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade, Cecilia Livingston & Ailie Robertson

Librettist: Hazel Gould

Conductor: Johann Stuckenbruck

Orchestra: Psappha


Piper: Maya Kherani

Mayor: Adam Marsden

Mother: Rachael Lloyd

Lonely Child (Tam): Maggie Marshall

Lonely Child (Tam): Fin Metcalfe-Martin

Lonely Child (Tam): Andrea Palma-Lizardo

Lonely Child (Tam): Minnie Wood

Councillor: Alice Caroe

Councillor: Maria Copley

Councillor: Flo Gordon

Councillor: Kate Pinnell

Councillor: Eleanor Vincent

Councillor: Amelia Worssam

Puppeteer: Gabriel Barnard Seidel

Puppeteer: Arthur Deedman

Puppeteer: Iris Dury

Puppeteer: Zaki Lynch

Puppeteer: Charlie Morton

Puppeteer: Michael Peirce

Puppeteer: Marlon Read

Puppeteer: George Wilkins

Production Team

Director: Stephen Langridge

Original Director: Sinéad O'Neill

Designer: Natalia Orendain del Castillo

Original Designer & Puppet Design Consultant: Joanna Parker

Puppetry Director: Elaine Hartley

Lighting Designer: Amy Clarke

Assistant Conductor: Ashley Beauchamp

Associate Director: Simone Ibbett-Brown