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Macbeth, 05 August 1965

The Opera

Venue: Glyndebourne

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi

Librettist: Francesco Maria Piave

Conductor: Lamberto Gardelli

Orchestra: London Philharmonic Orchestra


Macbeth: Kostas Paskalis

Banquo: Michael Langdon

Lady Macbeth: Gunilla af Malmborg

Gentlewoman: Margaret Curphey

Macduff: David Hughes

Malcolm: Lloyd Strauss Smith

Fleance: Michael Hollands

A Doctor: Derick Davies

A Servant: Peter Lehmann Bedford

A Murderer: Paschal Allen

Apparition: Robert Bateman

Apparition: Angela Jenkins

Apparition: Anne Parker

Production Team

Set Designer: Emanuele Luzzati

Costume Designer: Emanuele Luzzati

Lighting Designer: Francis Reid

Choreographer: Pauline Grant

Original Producer: Franco Enriquez

Associate Producer: Dennis Maunder