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Lulu, 16 August 1996

The Opera

Venue: Glyndebourne

Composer: Alban Berg

Librettist: Alban Berg

Conductor: Andrew Davis

Orchestra: London Philharmonic


Lulu: Claron McFadden

Countess Geschwitz: Kathryn Harries

Wardrobe Mistress: Patricia Bardon

Groom: Patricia Bardon

Schoolboy: Patricia Bardon

Stage Manager: Jonathan Veira

Banker: Jonathan Veira

Medical Specialist: Jonathan Veira

Professor: Jonathan Veira

Painter: Stephan Drakulich

Negro: Stephan Drakulich

Dr Schon: Wolfgang Schone

Jack The Ripper: Wolfgang Schone

Alwa: David Kuebler

Schigolch: Norman Bailey

Animal Trainer: Donald Maxwell

Athlete: Donald Maxwell

Prince: Neil Jenkins

Manservant: Neil Jenkins

Marquis: Neil Jenkins

15-Year-Old Girl: Colette Delahunt

Her Mother: Christine Rice

Designer: Carole Wilson

Journalist: Darrell Babidge

Servant: Richard Mosley-Evans

Police Commissioner: Michael Kennerley

Clown: Michael Kennerley

Production Team

Original Producer: Graham Vick

Staff Director: Matthew Richardson

Set Designer: Paul Brown

Costume Designer: Paul Brown

Lighting Designer: Thomas Webster