The Opera

Venue: Glyndebourne

Composer: Richard Strauss

Librettist: Richard Strauss

Conductor: Gustav Kuhn

Orchestra: London Philharmonic Orchestra


Christine: Felicity Lott

Robert Storch: John Pringle

Anna: Elizabeth Gale

Franzl: Rupert Ashford

Therese: Maria Jagusz

Fanny: Yvonne Howard

Marie: Delith Brook

Baron Lummer: Ian Caley

The Lawyer's Wife: Rae Woodland

Resi: Catherine Pierard

Commercial Counsel: Ian Caddy

The Opera Singer: Andrew Gallacher

Stroh, The Conductor: Glenn Winslade

Legal Counsellor: Brian Donlan

The Lawyer: Roger Bryson

Production Team

Original Producer: John Cox

Staff Director: Monique Wagemakers

Set Designer: Martin Battersby

Costume Designer: Martin Battersby

Lighting Designer: Robert Bryan

Choreographer: Monique Wagemakers