Our wind turbine

The biggest step taken by Glyndebourne in its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint was the installation of a 67-metre Enercon 44 wind turbine.

The initiative was inspired by research that revealed it was the single largest, financially-viable initiative that could be undertaken at the time to reduce Glyndebourne’s own-generated carbon emissions.

“I genuinely hope that our wind turbine will inspire everyone associated with Glyndebourne, and others, to explore ways in which they can reduce their own carbon footprint – that would be its greatest legacy.”
Gus Christie, Executive Chairman

Launched in January 2012 by Sir David Attenborough, the turbine stands at 67m to the tip of the blade. It is located a short distance from the opera house on Mill Plain, previously the site of a windmill.

‘Wind power can never provide for all our wants but every bit of power generated by wind must be welcomed. Even if we only generate a fraction of what our country needs in this way, then we must.’
Sir David Attenborough speaking at the launch of the turbine in 2012

Impact so far

To maximise the impact of the turbine, a company-wide energy saving plan introduced changes including:

  • Installation of high efficiency gas fired condensing boilers
  • Modification of the air conditioning system
  • Replacement of the auditorium lights with low-energy LEDs
  • Installation of timers and light sensors

These efficiencies, combined with high average wind speeds have seen the turbine generate on average 102% of Glyndebourne’s annual electricity requirements across the five years since its launch.

This exceeds the target of 90% set during the planning period and has resulted in a 50% reduction in our carbon emissions.

Please see the Wind Turbine Monthly Statistics page for latest information on power imported and exported.

Find out more about the turbine using these FAQs.

Construction of the turbine


Statement from Gus Christie

Statement from Sir David Attenborough

Wind turbine monthly statistics

Data on the power generated by the turbine along with the amount surplus to Glyndebourne’s requirements and exported to the grid is reported on a monthly basis here on our website.

Wind turbine FAQs

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions surrounding the Glyndebourne wind turbine.