Glyndebourne and the environment

Glyndebourne began to consider ways to address its environmental impact in 2005, driven from the top of the organisation by Executive Chairman Gus Christie.

“‘When the gravity of global warming and climate change became clear, we were eager to do our bit to reduce our carbon emissions and we now have the long-term aim of becoming carbon neutral in our direct operations. It’s an ambitious goal but one that has helped drive substantial changes over the past decade.”
Gus Christie, Executive Chairman

An environmental policy was drawn up outlining the organisation’s commitment and is reviewed annually as an evolving strategy.

An Environmental Champions Group made up of staff members from across the organisation meet regularly to review progress and suggest new ideas for making improvements, both large and small.

The single largest action taken by Glyndebourne was the commissioning of a 67-metre Enercon wind turbine but a whole host of steps have been taken that address all elements of the organisation’s environmental footprint – energy use, waste, water and travel.

These include:

  • Installation of high-efficiency gas-fired condensing boilers
  • Modification of the air conditioning system
  • Replacement of the auditorium lights with low-energy LEDs
  • Installation of timers and light sensors
  • Free coach service from Lewes station to encourage audiences to use public transport
  • On-site electric car charging facilities
  • Introduction of a ‘cycle to work scheme’
  • Interest free loan offer for staff to cover commuting by rail
  • Increased use of recycled paper
  • Significantly improved recycling facilities
  • Recycling of decommissioned scenery
  • Switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Introduction of a ‘green purchasing’ clause, committing to source from local suppliers where possible
  • Irrigating the gardens using our own spring and lake
  • Reuse of 70% of garden waste for compost
  • Adjustment of toilet flushes to save water


Since 2013 Glyndebourne has been accredited with a 3* Industry Green rating (the highest possible) by independent environmental organisation Julie’s Bicycle.

The organisation was also recently invited to sit on a new environmental leadership group for arts organisations set up by Julie’s Bicycle on behalf of Arts Council England and in 2015 was a finalist in the most Sustainable Business category of the Sussex Business Awards.

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Glyndebourne Environmental Policy

Wind Turbine/pxbkm6wtmlmbm1g4xdz2.jpg

Our wind turbine

The biggest step taken by Glyndebourne in its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint was the installation of a 67-metre Enercon 44 wind turbine, launched in January 2012 by Sir David Attenborough.