The gardens

“The graciousness of civilisation here surely touches a peak where the arts of music, architecture and gardening combine…”

Vita Sackville-West, 1953

That’s how Vita Sackville-West described Glyndebourne in 1953. That one of the 20th century’s greatest garden makers should include the gardens in her praise is an indication of the importance these spaces have always had for visitors.

The gardens are open to ticket holders before all performances during the Festival. As opening times vary, please check the performance schedule for further details. The gardens are open two hours before Tour performances at Glyndebourne.

These are private gardens and we kindly ask guests to respect them and take all litter home.

How to make a Glyndebourne bouquet

Kevin Martin, Glyndebourne’s head gardener, gives us his tricks of the trade for flower arranging whilst creating a stunning bouquet for the Glyndebourne organ room. For more gardening tips and to find out about past and present projects, visit our Gardener’s Blog.

The Mary Christie Rose Garden

In October last year, Gus Christie, Danielle De Niese and Lady Christie broke ground to begin work on Glyndebourne's new rose garden.

Trees at Glyndebourne

Despite the ravages of elm disease and the destructive storms in the past, there are many magnificent trees in and around Glyndebourne.

March's plant of the month

In a cold, windy spot frost pocket in boggy soil near the lake the golden flowers glow in the spring sunlight.

June's plant of the month

Dancing among the froth of grasses in the crescent border is a dark magenta flower that seems to be held aloft by magic.

July's plant of the month

The scent of the flowers is heady and intoxicating on hot summer days and on crisp and cold early mornings the scent from the shrubs is also strong.

November's plant of the month

In its native North America it goes by a common name so flamboyant that it’s worth growing just to be able to sprinkle the name into conversations: ‘Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate’.

December's pick of the month

Winter at Glyndebourne is a quiet time for the staff here, however, in the garden the trees and bushes are full with visitors of the bird kind...

Gardener's blog

Browse through tips, tricks and updates on projects from Glyndebourne's gardening experts.