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    Verdi’s dark, knife-twisting tragedy makes its Glyndebourne debut in a bold new production by Christiane Lutz.

    The Duke has it all: money, power, looks, and any woman he wants – any woman, that is, except Gilda, the innocent young daughter of hunchbacked jester Rigoletto. But when Gilda is kidnapped and seduced by his master, Rigoletto plots revenge – with tragic results.

    Verdi’s own favourite opera, Rigoletto is a tragedy of Shakespearean scope, a disturbing psychological portrait of a man caught in a corrupt world, an outsider in a system built on power and privilege. A dramatic score, heavy with menace, includes many of Verdi’s greatest tunes, including “La donna e mobile”. Rising star Christiane Lutz directs Glyndebourne’s first ever production, reimagining Verdi’s classic drama for our own age. Thomas Blunt will conduct the Glyndebourne Tour Orchestra.

    After his “marvellous” Pinkerton in 2016’s Madama Butterfly, Matteo Lippi returns to the Glyndebourne Tour as the seductive, power-hungry Duke. Georgian baritone Nikoloz Lagvilava makes his Glyndebourne debut as Rigoletto, with prize-winning South African soprano Vuvu Mpofu as his daughter Gilda, and Oleg Budaratskiy as assassin Sparafucile.

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    The Glyndebourne Tour is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

    Image credit: Shadric Toop painted collage/original photography Shadric Toop/other images Wikimedia Commons and Unsplash

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    Glyndebourne 11 October 20197.00pm
    Glyndebourne 14 October 20197.00pm
    Glyndebourne 17 October 20197.00pm
    Glyndebourne 24 October 20194.00pm
    Glyndebourne 27 October 20194.00pm
    Glyndebourne 30 October 20194.00pm
    Glyndebourne 2 November 20194.00pm


    Canterbury 6 November 20197.15pm
    Canterbury 9 November 20197.15pm

    Milton Keynes

    Milton Keynes 13 November 20197.15pm
    Milton Keynes 16 November 20197.15pm


    Liverpool 23 November 20197.15pm


    Woking 27 November 20197.15pm
    Woking 30 November 20197.15pm


    Norwich 4 December 20197.15pm
    Norwich 7 December 20197.15pm