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Members' Extras

Make the most of your Glyndebourne Membership with access to our Members’ extra events in 2022.

A series of free, short tours and talks for Members and their guests to enjoy before the performance.

All of the events take place before the performance and last around 20-30 minutes.

These events are free but ticketed* – Festival Society Members can book from Saturday 26 February. Associate Members and Fortissimo Members can book from Sunday 27 February.

To book these events you must be a Member. To attend these events you must also hold a ticket for that day’s opera.

Garden tours

Ever wondered how we keep our gardens looking so lush and abundant? Join a member of our gardening team as they reveal some botanical secrets.

Location: Meet by the horse’s head

Dates and times

Tuesday 24 May, 3.45pm
Sunday 29 May, 2.45pm
Tuesday 7 June, 3.45pm
Wednesday 15 June, 4.15pm
Wednesday 22 June, 4.15pm

Sunday 26 June, 2.45pm
Wednesday 6 July, 4.15pm
Sunday 10 July, 2.45pm
Sunday 24 July, 2.15pm

Thursday 4 August, 3.15pm
Thursday 11 August, 3.15pm
Sunday 21 August, 3.15pm
Wednesday 24 August, 3.15pm

The Bloomsbury Set and Glyndebourne

Charleston Farmhouse – the home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant where the Bloomsbury Set gathered – is just a stone’s throw from Glyndebourne. Join our archivist Phillip Boot as he explores the group’s connections with Glyndebourne, including Ethel Smyth – composer of The Wreckers.

Location: Glyndebourne Archive

Dates and times

Wednesday 25 May, 3.45pm
Wednesday 1 June, 3.45pm
Friday 10 June, 3.45pm

Programme Book cover artists

Join the Art & Collections team for a look at our exhibition celebrating 70 years of the Festival Programme Book, including original work by Oliver Messel, Emanuele Luzzati and Elizabeth Bury and brand new photography by British artist Mark Vessey.

Location: Gallery ’94

Dates and times

Friday 27 May, 3.45pm
Monday 8 August, 3.15pm
Monday 22 August, 3.15pm

Production Hub tour

A true behind-the-scenes look at where all the magic is created with a tour of our new Production Hub, home of Glyndebourne’s making departments.

Location: Production Hub

Dates and times

Saturday 28 May, 3.45pm
Saturday 18 June, 4.15pm
Thursday 23 June, 3.45pm
Saturday 25 June, 4.15pm
Tuesday 28 June, 4.15pm

Thursday 30 June, 3.45pm
Thursday 7 July, 3.45pm
Saturday 9 July, 4.15pm
Saturday 30 July, 3.15pm
Sunday 31 July, 3.15pm

Friday 5 August, 4.15pm
Sunday 14 August, 3.15pm
Tuesday 23 August, 3.15pm
Thursday 25 August, 3.15pm

Talk: The history of Glyndebourne

Join us in the place it all started – the historic Organ Room – and follow the story of Glyndebourne’s history from our 1934 origins to the present day.

Location: Organ Room

Dates and times

Thursday 9 June, 3.45pm
Sunday 19 June, 2.45pm
Sunday 3 July, 3.15pm

Thursday 14 July, 3.15pm
Sunday 17 July, 2.15pm
Friday 29 July, 4.15pm

Tuesday 9 August, 3.15pm
Friday 26 August, 3.15pm

Talk: The wind turbine to wonky veg

As we celebrate 10 years of the Glyndebourne wind turbine, join us in the Production Hub Studio for a conversation between Glyndebourne’s Managing Director Sarah Hopwood and Carolyn Ball, Director for Delivery of Net Zero for the Compass Group (our caterers). They’ll be talking about the ongoing steps both organisations are taking to tackle climate change – and the small and big differences you may notice during your visit this year.

Location: Production Hub studio

Dates and Times

Friday 24 June, 3.45pm
Tuesday 16 August, 3.15pm

Talk: Finding the artists of the future

Our Learning & Engagement team share insights into their year-round programme of activities, which engage people from all kinds of backgrounds, with the aim of sparking an interest in opera, and developing the talented artists of the future.

Location: Organ Room

Dates and Times

Friday 1 July, 4.15pm
Thursday 28 July, 4.15pm

Festival Programme Book at 70

Join our archivist Phillip Boot for a look back at the origins of the Festival Programme Book. You’ll discover how the concept, coupled with the invention of the Festival Society, helped the Festival to return after the Second World War.

Location: Gallery ’94

Dates and Times

Tuesday 5 July, 3.15pm
Tuesday 12 July, 4.15pm

Explore Tom Hammick’s work

Join curator Nerissa Taysom to explore new work by Glyndebourne’s Associate Artist Tom Hammick, whose opera inspired monoprints are on display around the foyer of the opera house.

Location: Opera House – Foyer Circle

Dates and Times

Friday 8 July, 3.15pm
Tuesday 2 August, 3.15pm

Explore Maggi Hambling’s work

Join curator Nerissa Taysom for a tour of paintings by Maggi Hambling, one of Britain’s most significant and controversial artists, in the unique setting of our Old Green Room.

Location: Old Green Room

Date and Time

Tuesday 26 July, 3.45pm

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