Gaetano Donizetti

L'elisir d'amore

Donizetti’s sun-drenched, small-town comedy makes a joyful return in Annabel Arden’s irresistible production.

Tour dates

This performance runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one 20-minute interval.


Sophisticated and wealthy, Adina is the toast of her small Italian town. Country boy Nemorino loves her, but she only has eyes for Belcore, the smooth-talking sergeant who has swept her off her feet.

So when a travelling doctor arrives in town Nemorino pins all his hopes on a magical love potion. But nothing in this topsy-turvy comedy is ever quite as it seems…

Light, lyrical and bursting with energy, L’elisir d’amore was the biggest success of Donzietti’s career – a comedy with the softest of hearts and the sweetest of melodies, including Nemorino’s much-loved aria ‘Una furtive lagrima’. Updating the action to the 1940s, Annabel Arden’s production celebrates the opera’s original joyful, colourful spirit, painting an affectionate picture of an Italy on the brink of political change.

Korean tenor Sehoon Moon stars as the lovesick Nemorino, with Glyndebourne debuts from soprano Benedetta Torre as the flirtatious Adina and baritone Matthew Durkan as rival suitor Belcore. Rising star Ben Glassberg conducts.

Family Performances

For the performance of L’elisir d’amore on Sunday 13 October children’s tickets are available for only £10 when one or more full priced ticket is purchased at £39 or above. The performance is recommended for children aged 8 or above.

Performances for Schools

We are delighted to be able to have a Performance for Schools at Glyndebourne on 25 October 2019.

There will also be performances for schools at:

Canterbury on 7 November 2019, 2.00pm
Milton Keynes on 14 November 2019, 2.00pm
Liverpool on 21 November 2019, 2.00pm
Norwich on 5 December 2019, 2.00pm

To book a performance for schools at one of our touring venues, please contact the venue directly.

Creative Team

Ben Glassberg

Annabel Arden

Associate Director
Sinéad O’Neill

Lez Brotherston

Movement Director
Leah Hausman

Revival Movement Director
Colm Seery

Lighting Designer
Giuseppe Di Iorio

Glyndebourne Tour Orchestra
Leader Richard Milone

The Glyndebourne Chorus
Chorus Director Aidan Oliver

Assistant Conductor
Gary Matthewman

Kate Golla

Music Preparation
Alessandro Amoretti
Kate Golla
Ben-San Lau

Language Coach
Alessandro Amoretti

Assistant Director
Morgan Richards

Richard Dearsley


Benedetta Torre

Sehoon Moon

Matthew Durkan

Dr Dulcamara
Misha Kiria

Carrie-Ann Williams*

Dr Dulcamara’s Assistant
Maxime Nourissat

Jofre Caraben van der Meer
Andrew Hayler
Anthony Kurt Gabel

*Soloist from the Glyndebourne Chorus

Photos: Donald Cooper


Act I


As the harvesters take a midday break, the landowner Adina reads about Tristan and Isolde, while the lovesick peasant Nemorino adores her from afar. Adina mockingly relates how the legendary lovers were enchanted by a magical love potion. A troop of soldiers march in, led by the handsome Sergeant Belcore, who boldly proposes marriage to Adina. After she deflects him, she is left alone with the yearning Nemorino. Adina advises Nemorino to go visit his wealthy uncle, who is ill. She warns him that she is capricious and will never settle down. But Nemorino insists that he will continue to love her faithfully. The quack Dr. Dulcamara arrives, hawking his beauty treatments and miracle cures. Nemorino asks him if he carries Isolde’s love potion, so Dulcamara sells him an “elixir of love” which is actually just a bottle of cheap wine, telling him that it will take effect in one day. Nemorino guzzles the “elixir” and, feeling emboldened, approaches Adina, telling her that she will be his in just 24 hours. Belcore arrives to demand Adina’s answer to his marriage proposal. Just to spite the overconfident Nemorino, Adina agrees to marry Belcore in six days. But when the soldiers suddenly receive an order to leave town the next morning, Adina agrees to marry Belcore that very day. Nemorino pleads with her to wait just one day longer, but to no avail.


Act II

As the wedding celebrations begin, Adina is upset that Nemorino has not turned up. He finally arrives, begging Dulcamara to give him a faster-acting elixir. Dulcamara, planning to leave town within the hour, offers him a second bottle, but Nemorino has no money to pay for it. Belcore arrives, wondering why Adina is delaying their wedding until the evening. He finds Nemorino desperate for money, so offers him 20 scudi, cash on the spot, to join the army. Nemorino agrees, takes the money, and leaves in search of Dulcamara. Meanwhile, the village is buzzing with the news that Nemorino’s rich uncle has died and left him a fortune. Nemorino, who has not yet heard the news, is amazed to find every female in the village fawning over him, which he attributes to the effects of the elixir. Adina, too, is mystified, and Dulcamara boasts of the elixir’s magic. Adina suddenly realizes her feelings for Nemorino and resolves to win him back. She finds him and tells him that, to keep him from leaving the village, she has bought back his army contract. But Nemorino insists that if Adina doesn’t love him, he’d just as soon die a soldier. Finally, Adina admits that she does love him. Belcore enters, and Adina cancels their wedding. But Belcore is unbothered; there are thousands more women for him. As all ends happily, Dulcamara leaves to peddle his elixirs to the wide world.

The Glyndebourne Tour is supported using public funding by Arts Council England


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