Di Sherlock - Written Portraits

Di Sherlock

Written Portraits, poems, 2016

Di creates ‘written portraits’ from the stories people have to tell. Engaging with a small group in open conversation, she writes a poem for each person inspired by their story and gives it back to them. Here the written portraits are inspired by the staff of Glyndebourne.

Conversation is free ranging – people may talk about their present life or the garden or home they grew up in, for example. Equally what is told may be more abstract – an image, sound or moment that inhabits the memory or lives in the imagination. Whatever the teller chooses to gift. The form and style of the poem is shaped by the teller with the poet as conduit. The aim is to reflect and celebrate the rich diversity of life being lived.

Di’s theatre work includes Miss Havisham’s Expectations (Trafalgar Studios). Her libretto Services No Longer Required for BBC Philharmonic was part of the BBC’s World War I commemorations. Poems from her book Come Into the Garden, chronicling her parents’ journey through cancer and dementia, were recorded with specially commissioned cello by BBC in December.

You can download the poems below.