Pauline Le Pichon

Pauline Le Pichon

Quotidien bousculé, photographs, 2016

Quotidien bousculé is made up of staged photographs produced with the staff and resident artists of Glyndebourne. Questioning the very fine boundaries between photography and film and between truth and fiction, these images provide an insight into the intimacy between strangers who meet for the first time. Within this visual report, the viewer observes scenes from everyday life, things that could happen or may have already taken place, thus casting doubts on what is staged and what is real.

The photographer Pauline Le Pichon lives and works in Lille. She graduated from the School of Art and Design Valenciennes in June 2014.

The concept of “L’intime intranquille”, inspired by Fernando Pessoa, defines her artistic approach. She constantly searches to unsettle the everyday, the ordinary, and the space between intimacy and extimacy within her images.

Pauline Le Pichon - Quotidien bousculé