Diep Haven

Diep~Haven 2016: Face to Face

Diep~Haven is an annual cross-border festival of contemporary creation.

In 2016, as a response to the invitation from the Normandy Impressionist festival, Diep~Haven has adopted the theme of ‘the portrait’. With a memory of the long pictorial and photographic tradition of this form, artists, in collaboration with local communities and organisations have developed a series of contemporary portraiture projects. These will form part of a cultural trail of exhibitions and events centred around Newhaven and Dieppe that promote a spirit of cultural exchange and artistic experimentation in Sussex and Normandy.

‘Face to Face’ positions portraiture as a way to explore our society through its individual members. Identities are expressed and interwoven with the specific interpretation of the artist, to create unique representations of people and place. In the age of digital photography the work of the artist is to give new meaning to the now commonplace act of taking a photographic portrait, inviting us to relook at each other and to consider who we are. Photography, video, drawing and language give us the tools to question what constitutes identity, not to circumscribe it, but to reveal its complexity and diversity.

From 9 July-14 August works that have been created by artists in residence in Newhaven, Dieppe and Glyndebourne will be exhibited in and around Dieppe, alongside artworks from the regional contemporary art collection of Normandy. It is intended that this will be followed by an exhibition in Newhaven in the autumn. Please see the Diep~Haven website for more details of the exhibitions and to plan your visit.

Follow the links to explore the work of Di Sherlock and Pauline Le Pichon who were based at Glyndebourne for their residencies. Di, a poet, and Pauline, a photographer, worked in collaboration to create a series of portraits of Glyndebourne staff and contractors, which brought together image and text.