The Traffic Jam (2008)

Project Summary

The Traffic Jam was a devised performance by the members of GYO. The company worked on creating stories and songs that subvert and distort expectations, theatrical and musical forms, anticipated narratives and time. They worked with the musical influences of Steve Reich, Chick Corea, Ryuchi Sakamoto, J.S Bach and incorporated (and re-arranged) sections of Benjamin Britten’s Albert Herring, an opera which, of course, celebrates the difference between what we appear to be and what truly we are.


The piece focuses on a series of individuals – a bride on her wedding day, a group of lads, a group of girls, a troubled family – who all have a gulf between the life they present to the world, and their inner lives. These disparate characters encounter each other in a traffic jam, a moment that allows an audience to see them together and to fleetingly enter their inner worlds. The characters struggle to find ways to exist despite what they are carrying around inside them.

Creative Team

Director Pete Harris
Music Director Pete Letanka
Voice Francesca Matthews
Lighting Designer Jez Turnbull