Into the Harbour, Carry Me Home (2013)

Project Summary

Into the Harbour, Carry Me Home was performed by Glyndebourne Youth Opera Groups 1 and 2 and an ensemble of musicians on 22 November 2013 to celebrate Britten’s centenary. Inspired by the themes and images that reverberate throughout Britten’s work, Into the Harbour explored the journey between childhood and adolescence, the shifts in the experiences of young people that move them from initial consciousness to the dawning of self-awareness and an understanding of the lives they want to live.

The piece was devised by Lucy Bradley, Lea Cornthwaite, Freya Wynn-Jones, Lee Reynolds, Bern O’Donoghue and the young people involved in these groups, and was conducted by Lee Reynolds.


A child sings a strange song in the middle of a Latin lesson; another loses their bearings amongst the rock pools and finds they are out of their depth; a child sick of being good steals some money from their mother’s purse. Vulnerability is exposed, decisions are made. A lighthouse shines across a deserted beach and a group of children emerge from the sea like watery guides…

Drawing together some of Britten’s most famous operatic work (including music from Peter Grimes, The Turn of the Screw, Billy Budd and Albert Herring) and a selection of the songs from Friday Afternoons, Into the Harbour explored the moments of decision or dilemma faced by young people: the moments when they discover what they are made of, when they must choose to sink or swim.

‘I love Benjamin Britten’s music and I was given a short solo in Into the Harbour where I had to stand on top of a bed to sing. My heart nearly stopped the first time I did it!’
-Kitty Casey, project participant

Creative Team

Music Directors Lea Cornthwaite and Lee Reynolds
Directors Lucy Bradley and Freya Wynn-Jones
Conductor Lee Reynolds
Designer Bern O’Donoghue