Enuma Elish (2007)

Project Summary

Devised and written by Glyndebourne Youth Opera, Enuma Elish was inspired by the 2007 Festival production of J. S. Bach’s St. Mathew Passion. It was performed alongside Così fan tutte: I b€t I know what you’d do, an adaptation of Mozart’s Così fan tutte.

Dating from 2000 BC, the story explores the conflict of ancient gods, which leads to the creation of the universe and the birth of the human race.


Anu Katie Morgan-Jones
Apsu Ellen Muriel, Isabelle Garcia, Nikita Leys
Damkina Claire Campbell
Ea Joseph Saxby
Kingu Louis Gower
Mummu Ben Jordan, Asa Thomas
Marduk Alfie Ettridge-Rogers
Tiamat Tamzin Kent

Creative Team

Director Peter Harris
Music Director Peter Latanka
Singer and Vocal Coach Francesca Matthews
Designer Sophie Neil
Lighting Designer Simon Yapp