Così fan tutte: I b€t I know what you'd do (2007)

Project Summary

Written from scratch by Glyndebourne Youth Opera, Così fan tutte: I b€t I know what you’d do was a response to the 2007 Festival production of Così Fan Tutte. It was performed alongside Enuma Elish, based on the St. Matthew Passion by J. S. Bach.


The story is set in a gigantic purse, whose purse strings are held by a cynical character, Don Alfonso: the clasp.He chides the pennies, betting that their loyalties to the Great British pounds are fickle and frail. The pennies protest, yet when a couple of soave and shiny euros are thrown into the purse, the sterlings’ previous promises are tested to the full. Despina stars as the Zip and a Stockbroker, reviving the euros when they weaken against the strength of the sterling. Will the euros win the hearts and minds? Will Don Alfonso win his bet?


Clasp Mark Bradbury
Zip Kate Aspinall

Creative Team

Director Karen Gillingham
Music Director Hannah Conway
Designer Emma Wee
Lighting Designer Simon Yapp