Thanet Residency

Project Summary

From 2001 – 2003 we held a highly successful residency in Thanet in order to enhance and develop the music theatre and singing in the area and provide training opportunities.

The residency aimed to improve access to the arts (particularly for young people), developing skills in the arts and strengthening cultural provision in the area. It aims to celebrate the area using the performing arts as a vehicle for change, while working towards a series of performances over the three years created and performed by the community.

In 2002 Glyndebourne led a summer of song-making which culminated in a singing event at the Theatre Royal, Margate. Thanet Voices is made up of 130 performers aged between 6 and 86 years old.

In 2003 community groups and individuals from the area had the opportunity to write, compose, sing, develop drama and create design work. Four different community groups (children, young people, Mencap and the general public) created music theatre pieces that were performed at various venues around Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs. The pieces created were: Out of Your Shell (children’s project); Kicking Pebbles (youth project); On a Dark, Dark, Night (Mencap Project); Earth Birth (public project).