When I am Old (2011)

Project Summary

When I am Old is inspired by the story of Rachel Corrie, a young American peace activist who was killed in Gaza in 2003. After her death Rachel’s family published her writing in the book Let me stand alone. The piece was performed by GYO as part of a double concert, alongside Orlando Gough’s On Off and was written for Glyndebourne Youth Opera. With the libretto written by Hazel Gould and inspired by the writings in the book, the piece looks at the basic human rights that we are all entitled to and how these are put under pressure through the conflict in Gaza.

After its premiere at Glyndebourne, When I am Old was taken to the Tete a Tete festival later that year.

Creative Team

Composer Hannah Conway
Librettist Hazel Gould
Director Karen Gillingham
Assistant Director Freya Wynn-Jones
Designer Rhiannon Newman-Brown
Middle East Advisor Amy Doust