Lovers Walk (2012)

Project Summary

This is a specially commissioned chamber opera by Glyndebourne’s Young Composer-in-Residence, Luke Styles, with a libretto by Stephen Plaice. Lovers Walk is directed by Thomas Guthrie and designed by Kitty Callister. It premiered at the Birley Centre, in Eastbourne, with an additional performance at Glyndebourne as part of the 2012 Tour.

Composer’s Note

Lovers Walk is about first relationships. How many of these in reality last? Not many, but they are formative experiences in our teenage years or our early twenties. Lovers Walk addresses four different first relationships, the varying degrees of success and failure of these relationships, the joys and the problems that they contain. In this exploration the music of Lovers Walk is at times joyous, fraught, sad and blissful.

The four relationships of Lovers Walk are set in different time periods but united by a common setting, the Lovers Walk (courting path) in a Brighton park. Our four couples all walk this path and all walk the complexities of first relationships. The music of these couples amplifies their differences but also unites them when they are experiencing common first relationship issues. After all how different is love in 1890 and 2060? This is the world of Lovers Walk.

-Luke Styles


Ellen Stanford Millie Carden
Thomas Pulborough Billy Charlesworth
Nial James Brock
Prisha Rebecca Leggett
Colin James Eustace
Janet Helen Lacey
Martin Robert Haworth-Dunne
Zak Lydia Hague
Carlotta Lucy Burrows

Creative Team

Composer Luke styles
Librettist Stephen Plaice
Director Thomas Guthrie
Musical Director Lee Reynolds
Assistant Director Freya Wynn-Jones
Pianist Ashley Beauchamp

Lovers Walk was supported by Glyndebourne’s New Generation Programme.