Johnny Boy (2011)

Project Summary

In 2010 Brighton Dome, the Youth Offending Service and Audio Active worked with young people to produce the hit Bonfire Night. Following the success of that project and the performance in the Pavilion Theatre last December, Glyndebourne joined the team with a new cast of local young people for 2011.

For two months, young people from across Brighton were involved in this project, exploring one of the most famous operas ever written: Mozart’s Don Giovanni, based on the story of Don Juan and regularly performed in theatres around the world.

Working with a team from the education department at Glyndebourne, the young people used the story and some of the music as a starting point to recreate the opera in their own style, creating Johnny Boy.

After a number of initial workshops, the young people visited Glyndebourne to watch the Festival production of Don Giovanni before starting their devising and rehearsal period.

They worked on a script, lyrics for songs and raps as well as the design and construction of a set, before bringing all these elements together during their rehearsal process.


Johnny: he can do what he likes; have any girl he wants; get away with murder… well, that’s what he likes to think.

But if we follow our animal instincts where will it lead? How high’s the price? And who pays in the end?


Johnny Mrisi Makondo-Wills
Lenny Tom Sissons
Tony Sami Doleh
Otto Jermaine Heat
Anna Caitlin Saunders
Ellie Jess Willard
Lena Amber Ayris
Storyteller Amin Ali

Creative Team

Composer Al Start
Director / Writer Brendan Murray
Musical Director Dominic Harlan
Music Producer Jack Kingslake
Designer Tony Sinnett