Followers (2011)

Project Summary

Followers was composed by Composer-in-Residence Julian Philips. It was created as part of the residency, but not given a complete performance, with a plot that was loosely based on the Orpheus myth. The first development phase was in October 2007 with Director, Olivia Fuchs and the first two scenes were given a workshop performance, with the working title of Ghosts with an audience who then took part in a discussion with the creative team. In August 2008 the third part was explored in a 4 day workshop at Glyndebourne, but was not given a public performance.

In 2011, the chamber opera was performed in full as a promenade performance around Glyndebourne, moving from the Organ Room to the Old Green Room and finishing in the newly refurbished Ebert Room.


Hades Alexander Hargreaves
Orpheus Andrew Dickinson
Eurydice Gabriela Iştoc

Creative Team

Composer Julian Philips
Librettist Simon Christmas
Director Frederic Wake-Walker
Conductor Geoffrey Paterson