Captain Blood's Revenge (2013)

Project Summary

Bold, boisterous and bags of fun, Captain Blood’s Revenge combines adventure, mystery and a bit of spookiness in a tale of buccaneering high jinks that we can all join in.

As if Salty Sue doesn’t have enough to cope with as landlady of The Blasted Bilge Rat, a rowdy harbourside inn, her daughter Pegatty is a real piratical handful and Pegatty’s father, the fearsome former pirate Billy Bone, has vanished on a dangerous quest. No wonder Sue would rather swap the high seas for the high Cs in her secret ambition to be a singer. The rollicking regulars at Sue’s inn include a band of mariner musicians, an evil-looking sailor with a knife in his back – and us, the audience.

In May 2013 Glyndebourne premiered Captain Blood’s Revenge at the Brighton Festival. Later that year, as part of the Performances for Schools programme, this production toured across the country, providing special dedicated performances to pupils in years 3 & 4. Beginning at Glyndebourne on 28th & 29th November, the show moved on to the Norwich Plahouse, the Marlowe Studio in Canterbury, The Stables in Milton Keynes and The New Cygnet Theatre in Exeter.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for the kids and we would definitely come again.”
Teacher, Milton Keynes


Six months ago, Billy Bone, once the most terrifying pirate on the Spanish Main, left Salty Sue and their baby daughter Pegatty to go fishing for sardines. He hasn’t been seen since.

Salty Sue is the landlady of The Blasted Bilge Rat, a chop house perched on the harbour wall. It’s a wreck of a place, stuffed with flotsam and jetsam from the seven seas; a barrel in the corner from which snoring and belching noises can be heard; and an evil-looking sailor laid out on a table with a knife in his back. The regulars include Raggy Sam, a homeless old sailor; ‘The Scum Of The Seven Seas’, a penniless band of piratical musicians and their conductor, Captain Swagger; and you, the audience. It’s all Sue can do to pay the rent and look after Pegatty, who is a real piratical handful. Her real ambition — to be a singer — looks unlikely to be fulfilled.

Sue is furious that Billy has left her on her own to run The Blasted Bilge Rat, and is convinced that he has returned to his old pirating ways. Little does she realise that Billy has become embroiled in a wild and spooky adventure. What is the truth about Ghost Island, the Zombie Crew and Captain Blood? Will Sue make it as singer? And will Captain Blood get his revenge?


Salty Sue Emma Carrington
Raggy Sam Hal Cazalet
Captain Blood Richard Wiegold
Billy Bone Peter Brathwaite

Creative Team

Composer Lynne Plowman
Libretto Martin Riley
Conductor Lee Reynolds
Director Andy Manley
Assistant Director Joshua Seymour
Designer Kitty Callister
Illustrator Jan Pieńkowski
Lighting Designer Derek Carlyle

Piano Berrak Dyer
Violin Helena Nicholls
Double Bass Roger McCann
Accordion Karen Street

An original Glyndebourne commission in a co-production with Brighton Festival, supported by investment from Glyndebourne’s New Generation Programme, including the generous support of Dr and Mrs John and Jo Padfield.