Airheads (2001)

Project Summary

A music theatre piece by composer Ian McCrae and librettist Jane Buckler.
Commissioned by Glyndebourne for Glyndebourne Youth Opera Group and Brighton Youth Orchestra in 2001.
Performed on tour in Germany and in Brighton. Also part of the Elemental concert performed at Glyndebourne in 2004.


A late afternoon in winter. A group of girls alight outside the window of a high rise office building. Inside, three young men sit in front of computer screens. They work for the General Insurance Company that occupies the enormous building.

Are you prepared for anything to happen?

The girls break in through the window. One throws a piece of ice at Tony. The boys are affronted by the girl’s arrival. Who are they? How did they get in? What do they want? The girls explain that they’ve been living on air for seven days. They suggest they could take the boys out of their ‘9-5’, show them something fresh and new. “We’ll call you,” the boys tell them. Furious, rejected, they decide to leave – but there’s a problem – Laura has fallen for Tony. Tony responds by trying to persuade her to stay, but her friends are having none of it, and drag her away. They don’t want to be on the ground. Alone again, the boys return to work. However, Tony can’t forget what he has seen.

Creative Team

Composer/Conductor Ian McCrae
Librettist Jane Buckler
Director Clare Whistler