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Feuillete of asparagus with girolles (wild mushrooms) in a light white wine butter sauce


200g Asparagus-peeled, trimmed & blanched
20g Girolles – trimmed & washed
60g Puff pastry sheet
60g Sauce beurre blanc

Sauce beurre blanc:

1 ltr White wine
250g Banana shallot – thinly sliced
700ml Double cream
250g Unsalted butter
10g Maldon sea salt

Preparation and cooking method:

Roll & cut pastry as required. Brush with egg wash & bake at 180°C until golden. Leave to cool, cut away centre & keep top. Prepare asparagus & cut each into 2 or 3 pieces. Sauté girolle with olive oil. Season. Make beurre blanc. Heat asparagus in hot water, drain well, toss with mushrooms & a little beurre blanc. Spoon into centre of pastry & pour sauce around. Place pastry top on.

Place shallots in saucepan, add wine & reduce to a glaze. Add the cream and bring to a simmer. Add the butter a little at a time & stir until all incorporated. Add salt. Pass sauce through a fine sieve.

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Loin of Cumbria Fell bred lamb wrapped with saffron couscous, cumin and ratatouille


1.5kg Lamb racks
250g Couscous
60g Sun blushed tomato finely-chopped
0.5g Saffron
2g Oregano fresh and finely-chopped
6 Feuille de brique
200g Unsalted butter
800g Ratatouille cumin
400g Sauce lamb jus

Ratatouille cumin:

120ml Oil pomesol
200g Large onion diced
10g Garlic
5g Spice cumin whole
80g Tomato paste
300g Red peppers diced
400g Courgette diced
0.35kg Aubergine diced
Cooking salt
Black peppercorns

Preparation and Cooking Method:

Clean loin & remove all fat. Season & seal in hot oil on all sides. Chill. Place couscous in bowl with oregano & tomato. Bring same amount of water as couscous to a boil and add saffron and seasoning. Pour boiling water over couscous, stir quickly & cover with clingfilm. Cool then add a little olive oil & season to taste. Line the feuille de brique over cling film & brush with clarified butter. Spread couscous mixture over evenly & press down together. Place 2 loin of lamb in the centre & roll tightly. Secure with second layer of feuille de brique. Secure with string.

Seal roll on all sides with oil. Place over a baking tray & cook at 180°C until core temp. reaches 38°C. Remove from heat & rest. Slice & serve with ratatouille & lamb jus.

Separately sauté courgette & aubergine with olive oil until tender & just turning golden. Roast pepper, peel seed & dice. Sweat the onion with olive oil until soft. Add tomato puree, cumin seeds & garlic. Cook gently for 5 minutes. Add all vegetables to the pan, mix gently.

Season to taste.

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Iced nougat with fresh raspberrries and raspberry coulis


1 x Nougat Glace
1 x Brandy snap ring
40g Raspberry
40g Raspberry coulis
2g Sugar icing
10g Mint (fresh)

Nougat Glace:

1.1kg Egg white pasteurised
1.1kg Caster sugar
1.6ltr Whipping cream
400g Caramelized hazelnut

Caramelized hazelnut:

200g Caster sugar
200g Whole hazelnuts

Preparation and Cooking Method:

Arrange the raspberry on brandy snap. Place nougat on plate & arrange brandy snap over. Dust with icing sugar. Drizzle coulis around & garnish with mint.

Beat the egg over a bain marie until hot & then add the sugar. Whisk until stiff like a meringue and cool. Meanwhile whip the cream to ribbon, keep refrigerated. Crush the hazelnut praline. Fold meringue cream & hazelnut together. Pipe into prepared moulds.

Roast nuts & remove brown skin. Cook sugar to a caramel, add nuts & stir in caramel. Pour mixture over a greased tray & leave to cool.

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