Developing Landscapes

There is a constant programme of renewal underway throughout the Glyndebourne garden. Periodically major areas of the grounds are being reassessed, replaced and rejuvenated. The programme began with the re-introduction of the crescent border which was an original feature of the garden. The team will be working next on the terrace.

Renewing the Blue Border

Over the years, some of the plants in the border had become tired and unproductive and bindweed had taken hold in some places, so the occasion of the building works has been used to enlarge and replant the entire bed.

Renewing the crescent border

Last winter we decided that the crescent border (next to the croquet lawn) needed a complete overhaul and so set about clearing the plants that were growing there.

Replanting The Terrace Borders

The terrace that runs along the side of the house at Glyndebourne is a favourite place to promenade during the long interval and to admire the views across the gardens to the downs.

The Boathouse

Glyndebourne’s boathouse has received a dramatic make-over in time for the 2012 Festival.