How to book Glyndebourne Autumn Sing

Autumn Sing Online booking guidelines

Please note: Participants who are aged 16 or above will need to create or log in to their own account in order to book their tickets.

Part A

Follow these steps if you have not registered, taken part in Glyndebourne workshops, or booked tickets to any Glyndebourne activity. If you already have an account, or have booked tickets to something at or run by Glyndebourne, please go to part B.

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Register’ (at the top right of the page).
3. Complete the form with your details (not the details of other people you may be booking for if applicable e.g. your children).
4. Please ensure you select ‘Information and insights about Glyndebourne, including productions and events’ as a communication option as this will guarantee you receive information about Education events in future communications.
5. Click register at the bottom of the form.
6. You are now registered and logged in. Follow the steps for part B.

Are you having difficulty registering?

This may be because you have previously booked through the Box Office or over the phone for a Glyndebourne run project or production. This may mean that you already have an account, even if you have not previously registered online. Your e-mail address may already be in use for an existing account. To access this go to the login page and enter your email address and click forgotten password. You will shortly receive an email prompting you to refresh / add your password. Please do so and then login as normal following the steps in part B.

Part B

Booking if you have an existing account / once you have created an account.

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Log in’ (at the top of the page). Go to the Autumn Sing page and scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Book now’.
3. Select the number of full price/concessionary tickets you would like to purchase and click Add to Basket.

4. Check the number of tickets and click Checkout.

5. On the next screen, for each ticket, either choose the name of the ticket recipient from the drop down or select ‘Add a new person’ (if not already included) and enter the first and last name of the participant.

If you add new participants this way we will follow-up over e-mail in the following days requesting further information about these participants needed to complete their own account

6. Click Submit.
7. Check your order and click Confirm.
8. Proceed to payment and enter you payment details.
9. Confirm Purchase. You should receive an email confirming the number of tickets you have bought
10. If we need to contact you with further information about your participation in this project a member of the education team will be in touch over email before the event.