Ravel Double Bill Festival 2012

Your reviews of the 2012 Festival production

A wonderful evening. Two superb productions, with brilliant sets, beautiful singing and playing and fine acting. Our French guests loved it, as did we, and we hope that you will be putting it on again in the near future. You even managed to lay on warm sunshine for the picnic! Altogether a great climax to a marvellous season of opera. A big thank you to all involved, including the gardeners, the volunteers and the helpful and efficient box office staff.

Chris Paish 27th August 2012

Both operas were superbly well sung and acted, with wonderfully playing from the orchestra. The productions and their sets and costumes were in very different styles and both completmented the individual operas very well.

The perspective effects for ‘L’Enfact’ were particularly impressive and I found this opera to be especially moving.

I can only guess at the amount of effort and resources needed to produce work of this high standard. It was simply wonderful.

We are already looking forward to the GTO season in October.

Brian Stevenson 26th August 2012

Thank you for another enchanted evening Glyndebourne. This evenings L’enfant blew us away! The applause for all performers and musicians was well deserved, however the costume and set design deserved a standing ovation.

I applaud your innovation, creativity and charm .

Anonymous 26th August 2012

Fantastic opera and experience! Superb music, sets and ambience.

Highly recommend

Anonymous 24th August 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance. Have seen this opera many times – last night was the first time that the death scene actually tugged at the old heart strings. All the cast, but especially the 6 main characters were excellent actors as well as top notch singers. Some scenes were reminiscent of my son’s student digs! Well done all.

Anonymous 7th June 2012

Just gorgeous. I loved both operas on the double bill, but L’enfant et les sortileges was especially magical. It was pure wonderland: inventive, modern and moving. Thank you for a fabulous evening!

A 24th August 2012

We were lucky to have tickets for the Ravel Double Bill, L’heure Espagnole and L’enfant et les Sortileges on Saturday 4 August and it was a wonderful production, we cannot praise Glyndebourne enough to put on such a glorious production with Laurent Pelly’s direction and beautiful voices. Well done.

Elizabeth Ballard 6th August 2012

The premiere was a delightful evening at the opera, in the literal sense of being full of delights from beginning to end: exquisite singing, sensitive accompaniment from the pit and, especially in L’enfant, some of the most imaginative and witty staging I can remember. Once again, Glyndebourne takes challenging material and turns it into a real triumph.

Anonymous 6th August 2012

We had a most entertaining evening on 4th at the Ravel double bill. Wonderful productions of both operas were a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Also the productions are suitable for opera novices and young and old regulars at Glyndebourne. Highly recommended.

Colin Pearson 7th August 2012

As with the other reviewers, I would say that this was a truly magical evening (21st August – the Ravel Double Bill). Quite simply L’Enfant was the finest performance I have ever seen at Glyndebourne and I, too, have been coming for very many years. The whole experience was stunning and we never ceased to be amazed

Gill 22nd August 2012