La Cenerentola Tour 2011

Your reviews of the 2011 revival Tour production

We are just back on the Isle of Wight after attending the opening performance of La Cenerentola. But we could not collapse into bed without first sending our congratulations to everyone involved. It was a truly stunning evening, outstanding in every respect and probably the finest operatic preformance we have witnessed anywhere. Being on the front row of the stalls only added to the pleasure – we were almost part of the action!

Thank you Glyndebourne for giving us an experience we shall cherish and recall for a long time to come. All of the very best for the rest of the Tour!

Howard and Teresa Wilkie

Thank you for a superb performance of La Cenerentola. It has moved us to give feedback for the first time ever. All 4 of us concurred that it was the best operatic performance we had seen for many years (& we go often). We could not comprehend the Guardian’s lacklustre response – especially about the Enrique Mazzola’s conducting which we all found utterly compelling and enlivening, with brilliant punctuation.

Adele & Jerry Kuehl

May we endorse the comments made by the Isle of Wight couple about the opening performance of La Cenerentola on Sunday afternoon. It was a faultless performance without a single weak link. You must be congratulated. We took some unoperatic friends and had excellent seats in the front row of the Circle. They were also spell bound. Thank you for giving us all such a wonderful time.

The Whittys

I was in the stalls on Sunday for the most SPLENDID performance ever – perhaps one of the highlights of my Glyndebourne-going-career spanning over 30 years. It was a delight from end to end – thank you so much!

Sarah Hodge

Just to say we were at yesterday afternoon’s performance of La Cenerentola and feel I must tell you that it was a truly WONDERFUL production. All the singers have the most lovely voices and I wish them all the very best for the future which I am sure will only be going to the very top. The orchestra and the conductor, Enrique Mazzola, were quite fantastic. The scenery and costumes were beautiful. I can only congratulate everyone for such a first class production. The weather made it perfect for strolling round the peaceful grounds with equisite views of the Downs. Altogether a super day.

Liz Mills

Allyson McHardy offers that rarest of treats, a compelling bel canto mezzo. Eat your heart out, Cecilia!

Piers Burton-Page

Tip Top..better than Don G

David Reeve

It was a really lovely evening. Rossini does not give vocal fireworks to the Prima Donna only but to every body else as well. They were sung with the most enchanting precision. I do find all the Don Magnifico comic business rather tedious, but I suppose that is Rossini’s fault not this productions.

Peter Jameson

I attended the fabulous performance of La Cenerentola last Thursday and, on a whim from your email, booked the pre-performance talk by Janet Canetty-Clarke. She fired our enthusiasm for this new (to me) opera and made the performance doubly enjoyable. It makes such a difference knowing what is going on, La Cenerentola’s family tree … and the sisters being not ugly, but wicked. Please thank Janet for enhancing the evening; possibly the best £10 I have ever spent at Glyndebourne!

Ian Fletcher

Thank you very much indeed for a wonderful evening. We had excellent last-minute seats in a box, the performance was witty and pleasing, the orchestra wonderful and some lovely voices too. Particularly enjoyed the performance of the father and Cinderella’s voice beautiful too. Slight reservation over the ‘ugly’ sisters. They seemed a little wooden and did not enter the spirit of the opera as the other members of the company. Overall a really excellent evening in a marvellous theatre. Many thanks indeed. Hope to come again soon.

Pam Boxall

Hello. Are you planning a dvd for 2010 “La Cenerentola”? ( See below*). Which I tremendously enjoyed, having nor heard/seen it live for years, and had more or less forgotten. I only booked it as a nice counterpart to “Don Giovanni” —- for which I sent you a raving, I mean it, review and could not get through.

The moment I heard the overture to Cenerentola I sat up, thinking; “This has better be good”. Good? I left floating on air. The prince and his valet were pure joy and as for the Canadian coloratura, who could resist her enjoyment of the music. She sang like a nightingale in love. There, you’ve never heard or read that before . Waiting for my taxi in that chilly early evening, I saw two good looking young men going by and recognised the Prince and the Valet. Me gushing? I outdid myself and was right to do so. Once upon a time… I would have kissed them. Now I’m a groupie. * Buying a lottery ticket and if winning, will finance the 2010 dvd. Still you should not really rely on it but on the thousands who will want to buy it.

Louise Read

A fabulous performance that was enthusiastically received by a full auditorium. No weaknesses at all and the performance as a whole was easily as good as a Festival performance.

Brian Stevenson

A really marvellous performance on Saturday… of the best I have seen……absolutely faultless! One of the longest ovations I’ve yet heard from an enthusiastic audience.

Richard Law

My wife and I were uplifted by a really good performance; there was humour and pathos and the singing was excellent too!

Keith Hambly-Staite

A really great production – we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jenny Jones

I fully concur with the rave reviews published on the website, but would like to add special thanks to you for encouraging us to bring two of our grandchildren, aged 8 and 10. They have been exposed to the performing arts since they were tiny and both love to sing, play, dance and act. In addition to the helpful website, to have the generously staged, free workshop beforehand was positively illuminating, especially as it underlined that one of the main points of opera is to make time slow down. Something often lost on us adults! Anyway, the children were mesmerised and a more auspicious introduction to grand opera would be impossible. The seats, which were some of the best in the house, were extremely generously reduced, but I would like you to know that it was well worth the gesture, for you have created two new opera lovers! Yes, the show is sublime and as close to artistic perfection as one can get. Many congratulations to all concerned.

Victoria Edge

The usual superlatives for the performance and the playing – it’s all been said here already. One ‘extra’ – because of Saturday’s ‘early’ start, I was a few minutes late. But no HM Bateman tableau there; my reception after a hair-raising drive in gardening clothes could not have been more charming, discreet, and efficient. Which reminds of the real pleasure one has in any contact with just everyone front-of-house at Glyndebourne, always.

Stephen Withers

Sad to see this energetic performance play to rather less than a full house (6 NOV) at Woking. Beautiful music and good characterisation, but maybe a bit muddy on sound quality here and there?

Vince Docherty

What a relief to enjoy a traditional production after the wretched Macbeth that we saw during the summer season ( orchestra and score honourably excepted ) – and at less than half the price !

Christopher Burbidge

I brought a friend to La Cenerentola on 30th October. We loved it – it was magical. Everything was superlative – the singing, the acting, the playing, the costumes and the sets. I’d very happily sit through another performance, and my guest felt the same.

Katherine Kent

Fanastic production – even the acting asides were inspired. The children loved it too. Can you give a matinee performance next time?

Catherine Campbell

This was one of the best opera productions we have seen for a long time. The singers were all on top form, especially Allyson McHardy who was stunning. It made for a very enjoyable evening.

Stephen Chater

I loved the stagecraft, it almost could have worked as a straight play. To have music on top was a real treat. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Ian Rowlands

An evening in Milton Keynes may not be everyone’s cup of tea but La Cenerentola surpassed my expectations by far. An excellent feel good opera with fantastic performances by all. I hope the natural trumpets finished their cross word !!

Richard Watts

Your wonderful voices and the way you arranged your voices playing on the notes were just wonderful. The romantic feel come over so wonderfully and even though Don Magnito was a bad man, I still had a soft spot for the bafoon ;-) Very emotional night, thank you.

Mark W

This was indeed as good as it gets. This production was a total delight in every respect. The story was told with humanity and wit. The production was perfect in terms of musicianship, singing, acting, the sets, the lighting and the costumes. This is what Glyndebourne at its best can do and in many ways. it is more satisfying than the home productions. It was a joy to watch the orchestra and conductor melding with the action on stage. The theatre at Milton Keynes is perfect. A good Glyndebourne production here like this one, can be an opera experience that is unparalleled. Thank you all so much.

Sean O’Byrne

An excellent touring production – the set created the illusion of permanence. The musicianship was outstanding and the story telling supreme! I was a little disappointed that the “sisters” were not given more direction to “ham up” their parts! Don Magnifico had his role overflowing with overacting – what a shame the girls were not at the same level.

Peter Eales

Fantastic playing, especially the woodwind – the overture was a real treat. Wonderfully skilful singing as well – ensemble melismas at the speed are dazzling. The opening set is great and the storm, later, good fun. The prince’s palace seemed a little drab. This was a very enjoyable evening. I am no stranger to opera but this was my first Rossini. I was, I admit, disappointed not to be emotionally affected at any point – only the very last number came near this. Am I wrong to look for this, in Rossini?

Peter Marshall