Falstaff Festival 2013

Your reviews of the 2013 Festival production

An excellent performance in every way — singing, acting, band, sets and production. Wonderful, seamless music which makes one happy to be alive.
The evening was damp and cold. After walking around for a while I spent quite some time standing in the cold before the production began. When the weather is inclement why don’t you provide a marquee for those who had planned to have an outdoor meal? And why not provide some protection from the weather, and some heating, for people eating at tables on the verandas? I had an excellent two-course meal in Nether Wallop.

Alan Gunther 9th July 2013

Although ‘Falstaff’ is not one of my favourite operas, I thoroughly enjoyed this production. The singing was truly wonderful, particularly Falstaff and Alice, and the acting lively, very amusing and uplifting! The setting and costumes, both superb and we just loved those cats!
The weather has never been wonderful during my visits to Glyndebourne, so this year we hired our picnic table and had it moved undercover on arrival. The staff were excellent, not only suggesting the best place to set up, but were most helpful and obliging transporting table, chairs and our hampers.
As it was my partner’s first time at Glyndebourne, we treated ourselves to the most expensive seats in the stalls. A mistake! Both suffered from neck ache at the end of the evening from reading the subtitles. It is good to be close, but only for operas sung in English.
We are both looking forward to our next opera, however, as it always such a magical and delightful experience.

Elizabeth and Brian 9th July 2013

Terrific performance under James G. He managed the singers who took time into their own hands. There was some extremely dexterous playing on the part of the strings and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance. Great Cor anglais part and the cat was a delicate touch.

Susan Bulmer 8th July 2013

Loved it! Wonderful performance by absolutely everyone in the cast – the orchestra was great and their sound really worked with Verdi. I was wondering what it would be like with the OAE. We were there for the first performance with James Gaffigan and had nothing to compare it with – as we hadn’t heard it under Mark Elder. Glyndebourne is magical anyway and I hope it isn’t too long before we can afford to come back!!!

Jacky and Brian Chernett 8th July 2013

It risks insidiousness to single out any one contribution from a fabulous team performance, but, risking that, the revival director has performed stupendous things in raising the first production, which was very good, to the sublime. Such an approach to perfection takes disproportionate effort. The OAE /Mark Elder were revelatory.
A special mention, too, for the Garter Inn cat!!

David Sayers 28th June 2013

This was my first visit to Glyndebourne – and what a great production to see. Laurent Naouri inhabited the role from start and finish and was in fantastic voice. The cast was extremely strong, and great to witness orchestral playing under Sir Mark Elder at such proximity.
That said, arriving back in London an hour earlier would make a big difference when you live as far away as I do – but I guess that just means I need to go for back to back productions in 2014 and stay over in Sussex by the sea.

maxcampbelljones 17th June 2013

Wonderful, witty and joyful.

Simon Lewis 17th June 2013

What a wonderful performance! Singing and acting were great.If we could all deal with a comedy at the end of our lives – like Verdi- growing old would be less serious!

Brigitte Hesselink 12th June 2013

it was great to be back for my 56th season.
Falstaff was a delight from start to finish. Invidious to single out particular performances, but there were some real gems, the warmth and colour of Falstaff’s voice was perfect, the two main sopranos just first class.

Anonymous 12th June 2013

What a magical and perfect performance as always. The music and orchestra were spot on too. My wife and our guests enjoyed it too. We are looking forward to our next opera shortly, as always.
The atmosphere in the auditorium was very dry and hence some of the comments above about coughing during the performance!

Anonymous 11th June 2013