Don Pasquale Tour 2011

Your reviews of the 2011 Tour production

Much enjoyed this superb production. Except I was too slow to catch the twist at the end !!

John C Phillips 2nd December 2011

My view of the stage was a little restricted but I thoroughly enjoyed this production and it seemed the performers and audience were enjoying it just as much. Tremendous applause at the end.

If I am not mistaken the plot is based on Ben Jonson’s “Epicene”.

I wish we had been taken to hear Don Pasquale when I was struggling to understand my English Literature A Level prospectus as I could have given a more colourful gloss to my exam paper!

Anonymous 1st December 2011

A brilliant evening. Enjoyed every minute, not to mention the final few seconds.

I wish Glyndborne would publicise singers in advance . Especially when Cardiff singers of the year winners are in the cast. I would have stayed an extra day had I known when booking who the singers were.

Dellan Phillips 30th November 2011

Agree with Dave Austin – the changes to the relationship between Malatesta and Norina did not fit with what they were singing the rest of the time and really grated. It made the whole end of Act III meaningless and was completely unnecessary. A shame because everything else was delightful and the performances wonderful.

Anonymous 13th November 2011

Congratulations to Mariame Clement in not allowing herself to be hamstrung by the limitations of original works of art. Mere interpretation is obviously not sufficient, one must have the confidence to completely reinvent. No matter that it did not match the libretto, the tone of the music or the spirit of the opera. Who minds that it rendered Don Pasquale’s forgiveness, Norina’s moral or Ernesto’s beautiful heartfelt Act 2 aria all meaningless. Indeed, assuming the Don is unlikely to honour his promise of four thousand crowns, the whole plot as envisaged here seemed wonderfully pointless. Inspired thinking. I trust that even now she is repainting the Mona Lisa having a fit of the giggles and I am confident that any King Lear she directs will show the Fool as the French spy I’ve always suspected he was.

Dave Austin 8th November 2011

We had a great time again at G this year…. lovely stroll in the grounds and picnic in the tent… superb everything – production, set, costumes, acting, singing. The Malatesta/Norina flirtation was unnecessary but not harmful and the performace was very classy fun.

Ken and Dorothy 3rd November 2011

I have enjoyed all 3 operas , the singing and acting superb although, as a traditionalist, I would prefer that they weren’t “modernised”. The big bonus this year was that car park attendants were on duty after the performances thus reducing the disorganised chaos of previous years – well done.

David Penn 3rd November 2011

Lovely music superbly performed and singing of a very high standard. The Touring Company excelled itself again.

Anonymous 3rd November 2011

Absolutely first class. It would be hard to improve on that.

Tony Downs 3rd November 2011

I took my 19 year old daughter to see this production…she’s an opera addict too now and we can’t wait to see The Marriage of Figaro next year.

Mandy 3rd November 2011

Eight of us from Lewes have been coming together to the touring opera for over 15 years and we enjoyed Don Pasquale more than anything we have seen for many years. We avoid all minimalistic productions and always choose one in traditional costume. As I book and payout for the tickets in advance I have to enquire first about this or our friends will not join us or pay me for their tickets when the day comes!

What has most disappointed us recently is that we always enjoyed eating with you before the performances but the cost has become ridiculously over priced in the last few years. We have lately eaten a hurried meal at someone’s home before we arrive or, as this time, gone to a local restaurant or pub afterwards. Why can’t you provide a simple meal or salad bar or Buffet? I am sure you would find plenty of people to support you. We all think that £39 for 2 courses is outrageous for Touring Opera customers to pay on top of the price of the ticket, especially in the present financial climate which doesn’t look like it will improve in the near future.

Anonymous 2nd November 2011

It would amaze me if the Festival were to be deprived of this wonderful tour production. It was not only a beautiful staging but also wonderfully sung and full of humour. 10 out of 10.

Harbord 2nd November 2011

Excellent: My friend and I enjoyed it very very much.

Anonymous 2nd November 2011

A lively and interesting production, which took an interesting and imaginative view of the opera. Wonderfully well sung and acted with a real sense of drama. I hope that this new production will be revied at a future summer festival.

A million times better than some more routine of this opera that I have seen elsewhere.

Brian Stevenson 27th October 2011

Loved it ,we have seen it before at the ROH where they had the benefit of a larger staging but it was well done given the complexity of the interaction and a smaller stage The performers all played their parts really well , great story ,funny and a with a moral !

Anonymous 26th October 2011

I went with friends to this production and we all thought it was one of the wittiest and sophisticated productions we had seen for many years; beautifully sung and very tight in the ensembles, excellent costumes and a very imaginative set and staging. It was a joy and gave us an evening to talk about for many days.

Allan Downend 25th October 2011

An excellent production which retained the spirit of Donizetti’s original music while updating the action. A pity Rinaldo wasn’t up to the same standard! We thought Norina enterede into the role most effectively: the men all seemed a little stiff in comparison in compareison, though their singing wsa faultless. And it was warmer than in July!

Patricia Haigh 25th October 2011

Brilliant production – my friend and I enjoyed it immensely and thought the casting was just perfect.

Rosemary Norris 25th October 2011

This was another great production. The end twist was clever, even if not in the libretto!

All parts sung really well, to single out one particluar contribution, we would say the condctor, who gave us the opportunity to hear new phrases, (a spell- binding trumpet solo) and whose tempi were always just right.

Anonymous 25th October 201