Ariadne auf Naxos Festival 2013

Your reviews of the 2013 Festival production

I saw this production 3 times and was bowled over each time. I thought the concept (if that’s what you want to call it) was bold and direct. I have seen several productions of this opera and while admitting that it’s not my favourite (that honour goes to the previous production at Glyndebourne staged by John Cox) this is up there near the top. I must commend Maestro Jurowski and the LPO for the magnificent orchestral playing. Jurowski richly deserved the ovation he was given after the last performance by audience, orchestra and cast. He will be a great loss to Glyndebourne.
Of the cast, I all the roles were well taken and the Management are to be congratulated for being able to field 2 brilliant Zerbinetas. I certainly hope we see and hear more of Kate Lindsey. As the Composer she was nothing short of fantastic.
I can’t wait for a revival of this, hopefully with the same cast. And I will certainly be buying he DVD.
Congratulations to all involved in this brilliant production.

Anonymous 20th July 2013

Musically first class with superb singing but I agree with other comments about the often incoherent staging. The way to enjoy this production is to focus on the individual performances and enjoy their musical excellence.The staging is reminiscent of many recent opera productions that I have experienced in Germany where the plots are subordinated to diverse contemporary themes in an occasionally forced manner.Overall this is however a good production and a must for all Richard Strauss fans.

Anonymous 8th July 2013

The music was beautifully played and sheer delight.
This was a very different production from that first one that led me to become a Festival member 50 years ago but I enjoyed it very much.I felt it was true to the composer’s concept and for me that is important. Too many modernised productions impose distortions.
So – it was pleasantly surprising and intelligently conceived.
Hurrah for Glyndebourne and its patronage of younger people.

Frank Bex 4th July 2013

I have never seen Ariadne before.
I thoroughly enjoyed the first half with great singing and humour.
The second half was a real shock, in that I was expecting farce, but got outstanding drama. I did not expect to enjoy it quite so much as I did. On top of that, sublime singing. Genuinely great night.

Steve Hargreaves 2nd July 2013

Having read poor crits of the opera, we approached it with some trepidation, but found that the pre-performance talk really helped We enjoyed it tremendously, Kate Lindsey’s singing in particular. Who could not be enthralled by Strauss’ beautiful, soaring music? By the end, the gentleman sitting next to me was groaning in ecstasy, saying “Wasn’t that wonderful?” The audience on Sat certainly thought so, and applauded the conductor as warmly.
It is interesting that the production should give rise to such a diversity of comments!
I am still going to bed with the music going round my head.
Please more Strauss, eg Der Rosenkavalier, Cappricio?
Perhaps heresy to claim that this production gave me more pleasure than the one I saw some years ago, with Dame Janet Baker singing Ariadne.

Anonymous 18th June 2013

An extremely enjoyable evening. The sun chased the rain and clouds away and fortunately we had managed not to read the reviews in advance. For us, the interpretation was surprising and there is a place for that at the Festival. It will certainly be memorable.

Anonymous 18th June 2013

Excellent evening at Glyndebourne (again). I’d heard the reviews and was ready to be disappointed, but found this to be an exciting, engaging and thought-provoking production with the usual very high performance values. It made me think. Quite inspiring.

Anonymous 17th June 2013

My first exposure to Ariadne: I’ve never seen it or heard it before, so I didn’t have assumptions and expectations against which to measure an obviously interventionist production. The idea seemed to me to make a kind of clumsy sense, and it fitted with the oddness of the opera, but in the end I think this was a performance weighed down rather than liberated by its conceptual programme. (I’ve seen plenty of assertively non-traditional productions — especially in Wagner — which have worked brilliantly, but this didn’t feel like one of them.)
The more rapturous passages of the score were beautifully delivered. After reading lots of unenthusiastic reviews, I ended up enjoying the evening much more than I expected to. Glyndebourne’s willingness to experiment with Regietheater should be applauded, even if the results in this case were perhaps more miss than hit.

Anonymous 17th June 2013

I loved this production. Everything about it was unforgettable: it was warm and brave and beautifully sung. I was going to write a detailed analysis of all the thought that went into it, largely for the benefit of those who were in two minds about whether they liked it or not, but I looked at your comments and found that Charlotte Valori had said it all for me. Well done, Ms Valori, you really got it! I could wish that some of the newspaper critics had done the same. This goes onto my list of operas that have really mattered.

Dr Robert Ribeiro 14th June 2013